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Radiesse Dermal Filler


radiesse, LIFTING, Radiesse®

The treatment with this product is ideal for filling in skin wrinkles. Although it is useful for redensifying the dermis, correcting and diminishing the depth of wrinkles and folds of the face, it is also ideal for harmoniously recovering the volume lost in cheeks, cheeks, mandibular arch and chin over the years. It is also used to treat other body parts such as arms, neckline and hands.

Radiesse is a dermal filler that produces a natural tightening effect improving the quality of the skin, firming it and effectively reducing wrinkles on the face and hands. It consists of a reabsorbable gel formed by microspheres of calcium hydroxyapatite, which is a substance found in our body, making its use effective and safe by not producing allergies. In addition, its viscosity means that the product does not migrate and maintains the face's natural expression.

It is one of the safest and most suitable fillers for the treatment of sagging facial skin. Its microspheres stimulate the fibroblast cells that are responsible for increasing collagen production, thus generating new tissue and stretching the infiltrated areas.
The Radiesse® allows to provide an integral facial rejuvenation, recovering the volume lost with the years, redefining the facial oval, stimulating the production of collagen and improving the elasticity and tonicity of the skin, creating this way a Lifting effect without surgery called V Effect.


The technique is virtually painless: first the product is diluted with lidocaine (anesthetic) and then distributed in subdermal pathways with a fine needle or with a cannula.


The result is observed immediately, although it improves gradually and noticeably over the first two months, reaching a duration of up to 18 months.

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