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Rejuvenating Chip

Rejuvene chip .

With the Rejuvene chip it is possible to rejuvenate from the inside! The chips are implants of bioidentical hormones. We now know that we begin to age when our hormones begin to diminish. The body produces hormones to stimulate and regulate the various systems of the body and their deficiency causes us to lose the normal balance to maintain well-being.

Regardless of your age, there is still time to make positive changes in your appearance, the way you feel and the person you are.

Testosterone is considered the main anti-aging hormone in both men and women.

How can testosterone be increased? The best option to increase testosterone levels is natural bioidentical therapy, with better tolerance and minimal side effects.


Bioidentical hormone implant therapy can positively change everything for men and women and its benefits are as follows:

  • improves the ability to get in shape;
  • improves sports performance;
  • increases muscle mass and the change from fat mass to muscle mass;
    increases energy;
  • shorter and better recovery time when exercising;
    helps you lose weight and improve your fitness;
  • increases desire, energy and even sexual stamina;
  • relieves depression, anxiety and irritability;
  • reduces stress;
  • rehydrates;
  • reduces headaches.


The technique is minimally invasive. Each case must be previously analyzed by a medical expert. The hormone is implanted in the form of subcutaneous chips that last from four to six months according to each case, are released gradually and naturally without altering the normal production cycles.

Testosterone levels are calculated for each person in particular increasing it to optimal levels without exceeding the normal levels of your body and thus avoiding side effects but achieving the maximum benefits of the hormone.

The technique takes about five minutes and involves the application of the hormonal tablet, through a mild local anesthetic, under the skin, usually in the upper buttock. To the extent that your body needs the hormone this is released and therefore consumed until it disappears. After three or four months, a new analysis will inform about the need to repeat the process.

Recover your vitality by increasing your testosterone with REJUVENE CHIP.

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