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Bio-removable filler Ellanse

Bio-reabsorbable dermal filler.


Ellanse is a bio-reabsorbable collagen stimulating and neoforming filler that naturally reverses the effects of the passage of time, stimulating the generation of type I and III collagen, restoring elasticity and luminosity to the skin, permanently correcting wrinkles and other signs of facial aging over a long period of time, providing a safe and personalized beauty.
It is indicated to treat the signs of the age since it restores the volume, it redefines contours and it reduces the wrinkles, reverting in a natural way the effects of the passage of time, especially, in faces that initiate a process of sagging.

The advantages of facial rejuvenation with Ellanse:

  • Due to its cohesion, elasticity and optimal viscosity, it is an easy-to-mold product, which allows a greater definition of the facial areas to be treated and an additional advantage in targeted placement.
  • Ellanse allows you to recover the elasticity and thickness of the skin that is lost over the years.
  • With its 4 exclusive varieties of presentation that vary in the duration of the results, the Ellanse is an ideal facial filler for the correction of deep, superficial wrinkles and expression lines.

Difference between Ellanse and other fillers

The difference between Ellanse and other dermal fillers such as hyaluronic acid is its prolonged action, adjustable duration and bio-absorption. This filler can provide a prolonged action from one year to four and a half years.

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